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electric oven

An electric oven is usually only known as the electric version of the traditional one. Well, it is not necessarily wrong as an electric oven is indeed used for baking. However, the modern electric oven is designed to be more than that. An electric oven is a combination of the traditional oven and microwave. This way, the home appliance tends to have multiple functions. What are they?


As an electric oven is a development of the traditional oven to bake bread or cookies, baking becomes the main function of this appliance. Interestingly, it is a healthier alternative for baking than using a traditional oven with fire. Since the temperature is settable, the doneness level is more even.

Sure, the electric oven isn’t only used to bake bread or cake. It is ideal equipment for any other dishes such as if you want to make steak. Well, there is no worry that your steak will be overcooked anyway.

Food Warming

An electric oven also works like a microwave, to warm food. Sometimes, you indeed have leftovers that you think it is still good enough to consume the next day. Rather than putting it in the pan and using a stove, using the electric oven is simpler. Moreover, with the timer feature, you can just know when the warming process is done.

Melting Frozen Food

Putting ingredients in the refrigerator is almost always done by anyone to make them more durable. However, once you take them out, it takes too much time to melt the ice surrounding the ingredients. Meanwhile, boiling it is also not recommended as it can damage the food texture as well as reduce the nutrition contained.

As a solution, you can use the electric oven. The electric oven simply fastens the melting process of the frozen food. While heating it inside, this appliance keeps the ingredient texture well and the nutrition is also not reduced too much.

Drying and Food Preserving

Some new series of electric ovens have a feature to dry and preserve food. Yes, some ingredients like fish and meat tend to be more durable when it is completely dry. Without water contained, it just delays the decay process of the organic materials.

So, if you have some ingredients to dry or to preserve without keeping them in the refrigerator, you can utilize this feature. Particularly if the food will be sold, this method is very effective and easy. So, are you interested in it?

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