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watch winder for 2 watches

When you are looking for a watch winder for 2 watches, the Paragon watch winder box by Billstone is one of the options. Before that, you should know why this product is recommended for placing automatic and high-end watches. 

Adjustable Motor’s Turn Direction and Turns Per Day 

Each automatic watch needs a different turn direction and Turn Per Day. Because of that, you need a watch winder box that is adjustable. Paragon for 2 watches accommodates this need. Users can adjust the motor’s turn direction and TPD according to the watch’s specific need. As a result, you always ensure that your automatic watches get what they need even when you don’t wear them. 

Suitable for Automatic Watches from a Variety of Brands 

Some people prefer to use the Paragon watch winder for 2 watches because it is suitable for automatic watches from a variety of brands. You can use this product to store Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and many more. It means you only have to buy one watch even if you have two watches from two different brands. The system works the same for those watches as long as you set the winder correctly.    

It Uses Touchscreen Control Panel 

Setting the watch winder box is easier right now because Billstone produces the Paragon watch winder, along with a touchscreen control panel. You only have to hit the buttons on the screen to set the winder. The winder automatically works to wind your favorite automatic or high-end watches. Setting the winder box with a touchscreen control panel is a solution, especially if you have to go immediately. 

It Has LED Light 

Your high-end watches look cool because of the LED lights on the Paragon watch winder box for 2 watches. The brand uses blue LED lights to give an elegant and glamorous design. Best of all, you can check the condition of the watches without opening the watch winder for 2 watches box.    

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