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best watch winder safe

Looking for the best watch winder safe for your favorite watches. That’s why you should ensure the quality, features, and design of the winder box before buying it. Billstone is one of the recommended winder box brands for those who are looking for the best box. Here are some of the products and their specifications. 

Paragon 6 Macassar Wood Winder Box 

Billstone launches Paragon 6 Macassar wood winder box to accommodate people who have up to six favorite watches at home. It is considered a luxury winder box in Billstone due to its materials and features. 

This product is made of Macassar Wood and a black piano finish for the exterior. In the interior, you will see black velvet finish, LED lights, and a touchscreen control panel. It has a security lock for extra safety. This 300mm x 360mm x 200mm winder box is perfect in a small or medium room in any interior theme.  

Watch Safe Full 20 Watch Winder Box 

Those who have up to 20 automatic watches should take Watch Safe Full watch winder box 20 by Billstone. This best watch winder safe is not only for your watches but also for pieces of jewelry and documents. 

The manufacturer designs this product with up to 20 winders, 3 drawers, and a document drawer. The design is simple, along with metallic black on the exterior and ebony wood on the interior. Despite not using LED lights just like Paragon, Watch Safe Full has a sophisticated security system, including a 50mm fire and drill resistant wall and also a security electronic lock. 


The Collector is one of the winder boxes by Billstone for those who have up to 4 automatic watches. The dimension of this product is only 180mm x 420mm x 160mm. It is good for owners who want to save their automatic watch collection in a small room. Despite the compact design, the manufacturer uses ebony with high gloss, khaki velvet, and polished lacquer to make it the best watch winder safe for a variety of automatic watches.  

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