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watch winder for tag heuer carrera

Having a watch winder for Tag Heuer Carrera is quite common. However, several rules must be obeyed when getting a watch winder for your Carrera. In this article, we will take a look into one particular rule of getting a watch winder, which is matching the winder specification with the watch requirement.

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph

Tag Heuer Carrera comes with various models. Each Carrera model is equipped with its own unique caliber, which also requires different specifications. Some of the most popular Carrera calibres are Calibre 4, Calibre 5, Calibre 36, Calibre 1887, Calibre 360, and many more. In terms of requirement, most of the Carrera calibers are susceptible to the bidirectional winding direction and around 650 to 800 turns-per-day (TPD).

Be aware that this requirement is not suitable for every Carrera model. Some of them, like the Carrera 1887 Chronograph CAR2110, can take 650 to 1000 TPD. In addition, other models, like the Carrera Calibre 16, are only susceptible to clockwise winding direction. So, make sure that you know the watch’s exact winding requirement when getting a watch winder for Tag Heuer Carrera models.

Risk of overwinding

One of the consequences of disobeying the matching specification rule is the risk of overwinding. Overwinding is a term used to describe when a watch receives excessive winding than the specified requirement. The impact of overwinding can be disastrous. For instance, the watch’s internal mechanism will be easily worn out. As a result, the watch will become inaccurate.

In addition, overwinding will burn the watch lubrication faster. To avoid the risk of overwinding, make sure that you adjust your watch winder according to the watch’s specifications. Luckily, almost all modern watch winder have adjustable features where you can set the TPD and winding direction of the watch winder. So, when getting a watch winder for Tag Heuer Carrera, avoid the risk of overwinding by obeying the watch’s winding requirement.

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